Welcome to my website!

Thanks for looking around my website. I hope you enjoy learning something about my music. My debut CD – Harvey & Luella contains 12 original songs. I wrote all of them myself. I also played or programmed almost all of the music on the cd as well as mixed and mastered it. Not because I had to, but, because I wanted to.

I’ve always been involved in recording my own music from the time I bought my sister a cassette boom box for Christmas, so I could use it as a second cassette deck. (I know, that’s selfish, but, she got to use it most of the time) I would record on my cassette deck and then add a second part by playing the first cassette and played along with it while recording to the second deck. Yep, lots of noise would build up but I was in Heaven!

Fast forward to the present and I now have a full production home studio with all the bells and whistles I could have dreamed of back then. I use a Yamaha DM2000 digital console that does pretty much anything I can imagine. I use Cubase 8 from Steinberg that gives me unlimited tracks and a great workflow. And a sound card from RME that keeps all the tracks rock solid. Add to that plugins from Toontrack, Spectrasonics, Steinberg, East West, Garritan, Acousticsamples, Vir2 and others. Mix it down with some Universal Audio plugs and master it all with Izotope Ozone. Things are working pretty good.

So take a look around. This site is a constant work in progress, but, that’s what it’s for, right? Hope you like what you see. Check back often and see what’s up. Leave me a comment if you’d like. Drop me a message thru the contact page, or, if you have my music already, check out the map and see if your town has a marker.

See ya,

– Brent