Grandpa’s Old Victrola

Brent Ronen © 2011

Grandpa’s Ol’ Victrola
used to play Vaughn Monroe
and He’d sit there in his easy chair
rockin’ to and fro
Listenin’ to Ghost Riders
He’d say “son now there’s a song”
and we’d both wait for the Yip-Eee-I-Ay
and then we’d sing along

We’d sing Yip-Eee-I-O Yip-Eee-I-Ay

Grandpa’s Ol’ Victrola
used to play Lovesick Blues
When he’d take off and I was all alone
that’s the song I’d always choose
I played it over and over
I sang it all day long
And that’s the way I learned to play
an old Hank Williams song

I’d sing “Cryin’ over you”

When them 78’s were spinnin’
they crackled and they popped
well it sounded good to me then
and I wish they’d never stopped
never stopped….stopped….stopped….stopped

Listenin to Roy Rogers
and the sons of the Pioneers
Cool Water and Tumblin’ Tumbleweeds
was music to my ears


Grandpa’s Ol’ Victrola
now it don’t work no more
for years its been there in the den
just sittin on the floor
its just a small memento
but it means the world to me
Grandpa’s ol’ victrola
that’s why I’m in Tennessee

Why I’m in Nashville Tennessee